LET’S GO BACK HOMEI can’t think about you,Without smiling.What I wouldn’t give,To go back there,Take you in my arms,Kiss you, And tell you,”I still love you.”It’s been three decades now,And still your smile’s with me,Your wave goodbye, The love in your eyes, And everything else you gave me,Before that highway fog swept in,And stole your spirit away.Oh- to return by your side again, Fish beside the Pleasant Hill Dam,Hike through the Mayer’s woods, Hang out on your big hill,Sleep naked in your twin bed,Fill your room with laughter- And marijuana smoke.You returned home-And I traveled on down the road,Found new loves,Safely took them under my wing,And deeply into my heart.But you know, as I do-This wasn’t always possible.I didn’t always have the fire- The courage to stand tall,The joy to expand, Nor the love to give deeply.These were all your gifts–To me.Someday-When I close my eyes for good,And cry out- “Lord- forgive me for I have sinned-“I’ll joyously return by your side,Take you into my arms, Kiss you, And tell you,”I still love you.


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