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We don’t just post – we know, we understand, we empathize!

Everyone experiences so many inextricable feelings that you end up feeling exhausted thinking and seeking the right words for your thoughts. You wonder what is it about words that you feel in your marrow that keep you inviting and lead you to another time dimension; they magnetize you to the present yet holding within a place where the real and the imaginary, the concrete and the abstract, when the alive and the acutely lifeless encounter and establish something bigger, larger, something miraculous.

Quotes.wiki makes an exquisite case for making art with words as you hunt for enlightenment. Quotes.wiki is the therapy that your feelings are in demand. We established this corpus of quotes to make each and everyone’s existence more lustrous, flamboyant with vividly painted sentence patterns. Quotes from different topics will fill you, shape, transcend your mind and feelings. Your perception of love, inspiration, positivity, smile, anger, of people, fear, strength, time, loneliness, courage, faith will be illuminated by reading the quotes told by hurtful, jolly souls, creative and genius minds. Quotes.wiki understands what you want to read for the sake of reading, empathizes with your delicateness and tries to untie the complexities of a human heart.

Quotes.wiki uses the power of words in favor of your flow of emotion be it shiny or dark and murky.

Quotes.wiki represents, through lines, many fundamental human needs that are met with compassion and affection. Quotes.wiki lets you travel through words uninterrupted and free. Let this small window of words lead you to the world of fascination you can freely and unapologetically call it home.

Quotes.wiki is the human’s soul most perfect and safest niche.

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