Jared was completely gone now, holding his stomach and laughing so hard that tears were running down his face. Matt turned on him and snapped, “It’s not funny,” which only made Jared laugh harder.”Any of you guys strict about top or bottom?” Angelo asked, “‘Cause if so, you’ll screw it all up-“”Literally,” Cole said.”And we’ll have to start all over.” Angelo turned to Matt. “If you got a strong preference you better say so now.””Lay it all out, so to speak,” Cole said.”On the table.” Angelo said.”For all to see.””Zach does like to watch,” Angelo said, winking at me, and I was relieved that with the direction the conversation was going, nobody took him seriously.”Then it’s settled!” Cole said. “Who’s going where with whom first? Zach, I think you’re up.” He winked at me. “Or you soon will be.””Oh dear God,” Mat moaned, hanging his head. “I knew I shouldn’t have come.””Don’t worry about it a bit,” Cole said. “I’m sure Zach can coax at least one more out of you.”Jared laughed so hard, I was amazed he managed to stay in his chair.


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