It’s mechanical,” Leo said. “Maybe a doorway to the dwarfs’ secret lair?” “Ooooo!” shrieked a nearby voice. “Secret lair?” “I want a secret lair!” yelled another voice from above….”If we had a secret lair,” said Red Fur, “I would want a firehouse pole.” “And a waterslide!” said Brown Fur, who was pulling random tools out of Leo’s belt, tossing aside wrenches, hammers, and staple guns. “Stop that!” Leo tried to grab the dwarf’s feet, but he couldn’t reach the top of the pedestal. “Too short?” Brown Fur sympathized. “You’re calling me short?” Leo looked around for something to throw, but there was nothing but pigeons, and he doubted he could catch one. “Give me my belt, you stupid-” “Now, now!” said Brown Fur. “We haven’t even introduced ourselves. I’m Akmon, and my brother over there-” “-is the handsome one!” The red-furred dwarf lifted his espresso. Judging from his dilated eyes and maniacal grin, he didn’t need any more caffeine. “Passolos! Singer of songs! Drinker of coffee! Stealer of shiny stuff!


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