BDB on the board-Knitter’s AnonimousMay 8, 2006Rhage (in his bedroom posting in V’s room on the board)Hi, my name is V.(“Hi, V”)I’ve been knitting for 125 years now.(*gasping noises*)It’s begun to impact my personal relationships: my brothers think I’m a nancy. It’s begun to affect my health: I’m getting a callus on my forefinger and I find bits of yarn in all my pockets and I’m starting to smell like wool. I can’t concentrate at work: I keep picturing all these lessers in Irish sweaters and thick socks.(*sounds of sympathy*)I’ve come seeking a community of people who, like me, are trying not to knit. Can you help me?(*We’re with you*)Thank you (*takes out hand-knitted hankie in pink*)(*sniffles*)(“We embrace you, V”)Vishous (in the pit): Oh hell no…you did not just put that up. And nice spelling in the title. Man…you just have to roll up on me, don’t you. I got four words for you, my brother.Rhage: Four words? Okay…lemme see… Rhage, you’re so sexy.hmmm….Rhage, you’re SO smart. No wait! Rhage, you’re SO right! That’s it, isn’t it…g’head. You can tell me. Vishous: First one starts with a “P”Use your head for the other three. Bastard.Rhage: P? Hmm… Please pass the yarnVishous: Payback is a bitch!Rhage: OhhhhhhhhhhhhI’m so scuuuuuurred. Can you whip me up a blanket to hide under?


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