Tobacco,’ Jig said. ‘I used to raise tobacco once. But I quit. I was plowing one morning, and the Lord said, “Jig, how’d you like for your daughter to smoke?” And I said, “I wouldn’t like it, Lord. It’s a sin for a woman to smoke.” And I unhitched the mule right there in the middle of the row and left.”You say you left?”Left,’ Jig said. ‘I went fishing then. You know that’s where He called them from. From fishing. One of these mornings He’ll come and stand on the riverbank and He’ll say, “Jig.” And I’ll say, “Yes, Lord?” And He’ll say, “Follow me, Jig.” And I will arise and follow Him. Aw, He ain’t come yet. But He’s coming. He’s got to get my mansion ready first, but He’ll be here.’Then Jig told us about Heaven. He said it was a million miles square and a million miles high, and every street was gold and every house was a mansion. And at night every star was brighter than the sun.’Do you know why He made the stars?’Uncle Burley said he didn’t know.’He liked to hear them sing,’ Jig said.


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