Tears flood in youyour eyes burningyour heart scars with my name scratched deepMy face is gonemy heart betrayed by your lullabiesI’m a shadow of a girl insideHands are touching younothing takes the place of youHeart wrench, weeps goodbyeLullabies, beautiful and trustingBarely breathing as they break into dustLonely corners meSweeps me off my feetShows me it was better for meFingertips holding closeyour grip not as softFollows me to an empty bedI can’t stop the weakening of my soulmy body is dyingyour tune is holding my mindLet me gosee what I doNo controlNo youYou whisper your sweet goodbyeIf it is small it won’t interrupt my sleepBut my heart you keepYou say it’s for meBut who would be happy?Alone left out in the cold


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