He was like the other half of myself,’ says Boris…Ulrich says, ‘You haven’t lost {him}, you know. I don’t know if it helps to say that. I lost a friend once myself, and I know how it goes.’He’ll find his way inside you, and you’ll carry him onward. Behind your heartbeat, you’ll hear another one, faint and out of step. People will say you are speaking his opinons, or your hair has turned like his.’There are no more facts about him — that part is over. Now is the time for essential things…Gradually you’ll grow older than him, and love him as your son.’You’ll live astride the line that separates life from death. You’ll become experienced in the wisdom of grief. You won’t wait until people die to grieve for them; you’ll give them their grief while they are still alive, for then judgment falls away, and there remains only the miracle of being.


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