A Strange Prayer:Dear Lord, I, the self searching illusion, has seen and experienced the outer world:relationships,success and failure,true friends, strangers and backbiters.I lived the different emotionsduring different seasons;I witnessed ups & downs,enjoyed love & hate,was good & bad,faced beauty & ugliness.There were times when I was brave,there were times when I was a coward.There were times when I was proactive,there were times when I was indecisive.After, flying high in the skies,and yet being a loser…After, being nothing & no one,and yet feeling content..I have understood the differencebetween lust and love,happiness and sadness,selfishness and selflessness.One often leads to another;another secretly carries the one!Yet I am lostbetween being and becoming.An inner voice admits thatmy heart is an unexplored realm,my mind is a prisoner to my wishful thinking,and the soul is unknown to me.Setting that unknown free… now, this is my heartiest wish.As Saurabh Sharma,the human being,Ialwayspray to thee, ” O lord, set me free.I don’t want love,I don’t want to be loved;I want myself to be love itself now.That beautiful, silent and divine existence…!I want to get merged into that.Please give me wisdom and courage; Merge me into your supreme kingdom by setting my soul free.


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