A place for the newly weds and nearly deads I’m counting the stones I hope you know I love you.Got a lot of friends 6 feet under us.Counting down the days till we join the party.Thoughts of your nightmare projected through mine…Breathing in these lies is no surpriseThese evil things are all we knowLets take these lives where we want to go.The future is our prize, when the stars align.Ghouls and ghosts will haunt my soul but they will never take me.Before I go, I want to show that we can make a difference. We’ve got some dumb perceptions.But I’ve got the death connection…All the hate that you have…Just throw it away Life is meant for more,But we’re too distracted..Too caught up in the anger and judgment.. Caught up in the web of lies I’ve heard these things keep our blood boiling, Keeps us alive, and moving forward… If that’s the case I was born a dead man. And I’m forever a ghost.Hatred is something that we’re brought up to see.Now everybody’s looking at meI hope they know… They won’t get their satisfaction.


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